It has been a long time that PKNIC has been quiet for a while. However, all of a sudden the listing page for expired domains has been popped back again probably after some consolidation of the expired domain list with as well as the upcoming auction domains list in mid of August.

Anyways, I’m happy to see them back on track with all the previously expired domains and the 13th batch of the domain auction. The already expired domains list is a little more organized with year-to-year based.

The reason I wanted to create this post was to show you how to get to the expired domain list or when the auction is running will always be present in this section.

It’s only a two-step process once you’re logged in to the PKNIC site; however, I would still call you a geek if you can find it easy. It’s not as self-explanatory as you’ll find the websites that we’d thought are to target Millennials or Generation Z, let alone Generation X or Generation Alpha.

Step 1 –> click on “Register Domain” tab on left

PKNIC Browse Domains

Step 2 –> Click on the year digits or “Schedule” for the upcoming domains for auctions:

PKNIC Auction
Step 2

This is all you need to acquire already expired domains or domains that are about to be release or when the auction is running.

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