The most famous dot com (.com) domain name extension is short for commercial and then there are others like .org for organization and net for networking.  Then Pakistan and many other countries added, or, or to make it country vise.  But when each country was ready to use 2 letters domain names like .pk were introduced, most probably, for .pk was around 2006 for the general public as you may see is when most of the domains were registered during that period or then were resold or acquired through other means.    

Each and every country or territory has its own domain name extension with 2 letters assigned to it and they are called ccTLD or country code Top Level Domain.  Meanings that they are considered top-level domain within that country.   

Later some domains with a smaller size of the population had no real good use and they were then marketed towards other good use, such as, .tv is the one we’re all familiar with.  GEO.TV or SAMMA.TV and many others alike and it makes more sense than having a .com domain name.  Similar to that is the .me domain name that was introduced to anything related to personal.  But then dot me was used for a bunch of commercial personal applications as well such as HTTP:\\JOIN.ME, HTTP:\\LINE.ME, HTTP:\\BUILD.ME, HTTP:\\ABOUT.ME and even for PayPal are a few to name.  Even  There are lots and lots so I will just list a few famous ones down below.

Google plus has

Godaddy has

Facebook Messenger has

Telegram has

WhatsApp has

WordPress has

.ME domain extension is deemed to be for a tiny country name Montenegro, the size of about 5,000 square miles and a population of about seven hundred thousand or seven lakh.  If you want to see how much that is, then imagine the size of Pakistan that is 340,509 square miles and our population is about 216 million. That makes it about half a percent of the population in Montenegro.  As we can see the word me can be meaningful to relate to us as me so therefore it has been marketed in that niche.

Now there’s another one that’s getting more popular domain extension as IO and is mostly targeted towards technology-related applications.  This extension is for British Indian Ocean Territory, which has no civilian population.  A mostly military presence makes it more sensible and kind of logical to target towards technology, as in computer terms, IO means Input/Output.

At least these three domain extensions are much more popular in the world. Google also sees them as more like .com alike standards. 

When we talk about the dot PK domain extension, it is dedicated to Pakistan. Now anyone can use these domains as an address for any purpose that can either be a personal website or a branding website but having a cool, trendy, and easy to memorize able domain name is super important. It will make sense and cut off the cost from the marketing budget.

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