As we say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder; the same way it goes for a domaining world, the worth of a domain is in the head of a visionary. From my perspective, some domains have huge potential while others may be worthy enough not to ignore, and some are good to have as you can always pull something from your inventory to launch when you come up with some idea. Everyone will have their own reasons. I’ve been in the domain market for the past 20 plus years but mostly for launching my own ideas, and I’ve sold a few domains as well when I was offered something I couldn’t resist holding back.

Domains are the vital products of the internet and search engine; without domain names, the name internet won’t be the way we see it today. Almost every brand has its own website accessible by the search engines or by directly typing it from any browser to get to the particular site. This is your personal location that you control without any restrictions, unlike other social media sites where everything is under the control of the company’s policies. You can be blocked or restricted at any given time. Managing the web page from designing to security is limited to the controlling entity that allows you to host the pages first; however, it is easier for a user to manage everything without much knowledge. There are plenty of platforms that let you host content to manage over your domain name at no cost to you except obviously the hosting cost, which puts a lot more control and creativity under your own hands.

Hobbyists or bloggers should also be stirring for a good and attractive domain name. This domain can be your personal identity for the online world. The internet space has seen continuous growth over the decades all over the world. Pakistan has no excuse either as communities across Pakistan are rising on the internet and realizing that the internet can play a significant role, especially for influencers and any hobbyist who may have something to share with or without going through the normal media like television. A direct form of connection to the world is eventually possible for anyone. It let you speak to the world about what you love and let you share the content of your thoughts exactly the way you want.

Let’s take an example of a chess game and assume that you love playing chess and also everything about it. And now you’ve decided to share your ideas and your accomplishment to inspire other Pakistanis from your personal experiences. The best and cheapest medium would be to start blogging and perhaps create video content for youtube for Facebook. But to be well connected in cyberspace, a domain name would play a significant role. Getting a good and suitable domain name is entirely another topic. The important thing is having a dedicated domain name. It is not only essential to your online presence in this day and age, but when something you inspire and want to share with the world will greatly be benefited by many, especially when the chosen domain name also reflects the same idea in the shortest amount of letters.

When you have an attractive domain name, it will also help you build your brand name. It could be as simple as your resume or portfolio containing your accomplishments either privately or publicly around the world. Facebook and Google are also a brand, and the name of the domain name also represents that for both of them like any other sites on the internet. When you have an attractive domain name and follow a particular niche, you can attract a bigger audience to your site. It will generate lots of interest from the general public. Also haveing a good and attractive domain will distinguish you from the crowd on the internet.

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