Why do you even need a domain name?

A domain name is an address on the internet that can be accessed from anywhere globally, mostly by searching from the search engine. Search engines are good at figuring out what do you mean even when a mistake is made while you typed something. Based on all the content and rankings analysis on the websites, search engines will pull you the best possible results against millions of pages. In my opinion, Google has the best search algorithm to do this job versus Bing or yahoo.

If you find the internet presence is something important to you, please get a good domain name representing you on the internet. However, sometimes we doubt acquiring a dot PK domain because we think the jungle’s king is Mr. dot com. Well, that is absolutely right. But Mr. dot com is so strong and so mesmerizer that it may have already been themed by some believer in the very beginning of the course of the internet. Long story short, get the dot PK extension if your target market is Pakistan or even Pakistanis across the globe. The name must be true to yourself that you want to represent for your personal or business brand; otherwise, you won’t find that energy and charisma to develop the contents around it, plus you’ll end up spending more time on something that is your second choice. Of course, dot com is the first choice for the entire world, but the first choice should always be dot PK for Pakistani like dot IN for Indians, dot AE for UAE, and dot US for the USA; the trend is already started to get popular across the world.

What is the best domain in my opinion?

A domain name is an address on the internet like a phone number. Usually, we save phone numbers with the name as it will be hard to recall a mobile phone number. So you may save a number with Mamo for Salman no. 1 and Janu for another Salman as the third Salman is already saved as Salman. And, you’ll know right away which Salman is calling you out of all three Salmans unless, of course, you use the last name for each. But in the domain name case, it’s not just you looking at that name but everyone else on the internet. Now the domain name works a similar way. Instead of the server IP address, we use the domain name to mask those addresses.

However, choosing a domain name could be a difficult process. Still, as long as it targets the purpose, you’re trying to accomplish while making your audience life simple to find you without going through google or any other search engine is the best strategy.  Most importantly, search engines will also care about the value of your name to rank it on the top of the search results out of thousands or millions of sites.

Some basic guidelines when choosing a valuable domain name:

  • Choose something shorter and easier to remember for anyone. 
  • The rule is to keep a name under 15 characters.  Shorter, the better. 
  • See if you can find your purposeful domain name under 4 characters first and keep moving upwards.
  • It’s easier to pronounce and easier to say and spell.
  • If your domain name is in Urdu, make sure the Urdu word’s roman spelling is correct as anybody types anything based on the way they say it.
  • Use dictionary words when possible as they cannot be trademark by anyone.
  • If you can find a dot com version of the domain name, then get that as well; otherwise, dot PK should be sufficient for Pakistan.

Now good luck hunting a good domain name for your future.

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