There are plenty of examples related to the domain being a brand name, I mean when I’m thinking about it, it seems like almost all of the companies in the age of the internet are branded based on what domain name that they could get their hands on. Some matter of facts paid millions. For example, Google is one of the biggest examples and the blunder of a lifetime. How? because it was supposed to be, which means 10 to the power of 10, or 1010. In math, this number is called google, like 10 Lacs is called 1 million, or 10 million can be called one crore. But that mistake is now a noun and a verb according to all the dictionaries.

What about Facebook? It used to be “” book prior to going mainstream but Sean Parker from Napster suggested Mark Zukerberg having to remove the word “the”. He ends up paying two hundred thousand dollars to get that name, which we see today and also redirects to as well. But considering what has done to the site, it is now a priceless brand.

There are numerous international brands over the internet that we can talk about, but I would rather use Pakistani-based brands at this point. and are the two that come to my mind, but as it seems, because of advertisements from billboards, television, and the internet. There are plenty of others that have done the same, but in my opinion, if you have got a good memorable brand name that relates to your services. Your service is valuable to the customers; simultaneously, the integrity of the business you’re conducting will speak in the long run. Word of mouth will prevail over all eventually. However, to make your delightful and happy customers happy, having an easy-to-remember and relatable brand name is also super important, providing millions of dollars of savings from the marketing.

In my opinions, both of these two domain name are short and I guess that’s all they are and means nothing to the brand. It was just fed to us so our brain is able to adjust to remember these two name. I’ve heard umar daraz, but the word daraz by itself means drawer in english. No idea what OLX means.

But if we relate google, which was supposed to be 10 to the power of 10, is a huge number in math, was supposed to be able index trillions and trillions of pages by crawling the websites that they could then be searched by users over the internet through the search engine. Facebook came up with the name facebook was because there was a directory of all the students with pictures and profiles in his high school, and he wanted to have it on the internet.

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