Keep that in mind not to register any already registered trademark. If the trademark has already been registered and you try to do the same business, it may allow PKNIC to release it to that business. Otherwise, no domain will be held back or snatch back from you as long as it falls under the public domain rules. Such as a company under a fruit name, Apple, Inc cannot own the word apple as a trademark since this is a common noun. But they do have a domain, and all of their products are called iPhone, iPad, iMac, iPod, but instead of iWatch or iLaptop, they have AppleWatch and MackBook for the laptop. is parked, and iLaptop redirects to HP computers. Whereas is on sale. Whatever brand Apple, Inc could get their hands on, they did and also took the domain names that they could except a few, probably the one that they couldn’t match the crazy asking amount from the domain owner. However, Apple, Inc. can’t make actual apple a trademark because it is a word that is a common noun, apple, or a fruit. You can’t trademark, but can use it for something cool as a business name, a name that is easy to remember, a positive word, because as we all know, an apple a day, keep the doctor away quote, a positive experience, and a great name that reminds you of nothing else but all about positivity and healthy thoughts. That’s our And, who can beat that? Obviously, you have to have that level of service too.

Let’s say if I’m able to get that, there’s no way Apple could get it from me even they would have tried, because if I want, I can use that name for selling even actual apples, or even selling dirt on, as long as I’m not offending their brand directly. You can say something positive, or apple might even let you sell their own apple product, of course, if they would have allowed you to do it, but I doubt that they would as they would want to protect their brand in their own hands. Then, chances were Apple would have paid to own, perhaps from their marketing budget. Probably that’s why is already registered by Apple, Inc, and it points to their own dot com version of apple. The

The general rule is any dictionary word that falls under the public domain or if that word is a noun or a verb. You could safely register it. The example of domains look like the example of a noun definition, and that means every place, a person, or any common things are all noun. Such as,, are common nouns, respectively, and we can safely say that they are not trademarkable but can be developed in a brand under if only you own this domain name. Even if someone can get a trademark, the word under the public domain is owned by someone else can claim to keep it for whatever a good reason he may have.

One another good example of snatching a domain from a domain owner is PKNIC took it back from the owner and gave it back to Telenor as it was one of the trademarks used for a mobile plan to target youth in Pakistan. Djuice is not a common noun or a dictionary word. It’s short for Digital Juice, and by combining things creatively and selling something special on it, you can create a trademark of something that is allowed.

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