A simplified domain registration process to domain expiration and everything in between does not seem simple for .pk domain names like other domain authorities like GoDaddy and many others.

To give you a glimpse of history in the domain world, the first domain registration process didn’t start for the general public until around 1995, when the cost of registering a .com domain was $100 for 2 years in a row.

It wasn’t as simple as it seems now. Even a quite technical person will find it difficult to register a .com domain name, but until after godaddy.com arrives, or at least that’s what I remember, it had the simplest process first. Before that, things were not as gloomy, and they kind of remind you of what we have to deal with .PK domain extensions.

It seems when it comes to the .pk domain registration process, we’ve made some good progress but at a snail pace when comparing the .com or other many thousands of domain extensions.

Give and take; it looks like we’re about 15 or so years behind; however, to catch up on things, we don’t need to re-invent the wheel or, in other words, a process, as one proverb goes, “Nakal ke liyen bhi akal chaye” and probably some investment as well.

Still, I’m not sure which one we lack at this point, or perhaps it could totally be something else. Regardless of what it is, we’re heading in the right direction at the turtle speed, but eventually, we have to catch up on things. The faster we do, the better for all and the country as a whole.

.PK is made for Pakistan and Pakistanis only. Anything that represents us, whether that is a tiny blog of a person or a conglomerate business representing millions of dollars worth of services out to the world or the people of Pakistan, is what .PK is all about, and that is our identity.

Claim one or as many as you can while the domains are supposed to be premium for any other country are still available under .PK for cheap. Those who may still be able to grab will cost you the reasonable price of around Rs. 2350 for 2 years (Rs. 1175/year) registration at https://pknic.net.pk. A non-resident will pay the hefty cost of $48/year.

The .com domain extension has always been the king of the jungle but the cheap king is harder to find these days. Any single dictionary nouns will cost you at least $10,000 to start with, chances are in tens if not thousands of dollars and if not in millions. One of such domains was sold in December 2018 by an engineer from Silicon Valley, Stuart Grossman for $11 million dollars. Tesla.com. If you think about it, Tesla is a noun, which represents two things, a term to measure fields in magnetic induction and is present as the letter T in math. So you can say something like this when proofing this in math, T = kg/(s2 × A), instead of saying the entire formula. Tesla means all of that in the formula. Or in other words, the Letter T for short and Tesla what it stands for is a cookie-cutter formula for our ease.

The second thing that represents tesla as a noun is that he was a famous scientist/electrician name Nikola Tesla who basically invented the DC voltage system that we have in the batteries or Pakistan/Saudia Arabia or entire Europe. This is the safest current than AC, which the US is based on unless someone goes totally solar. He was supposed to be awarded 50 thousand dollars to create something more amazing than the Edison version of AC (Alternate Current), not to ever realizing a challenge for Tesla could come as reality. Tragically, in the end, he died poor, with more than 300 patents under his name without the prize money he was supposed to be awarded. His name is now so powerful to the tesla motors that Elon ends up getting it for so many millions. Obviously, dictionary words or anything in the public domain cannot be file for a trademark. So the only way to acquire these domains is to get them early on or pay handsomely to the domain holders.


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