The digitalization of Pakistan is an important initiative that is being pushed through the country’s current administration. When we talk about digitalization, we are talking about things on the computer over the cloud, generally speaking, the Internet. But under the hood, digitalization in raw format is nothing more than consists of 2 digits in various combinations with a total of 8 numbers in a row, which makes up one character on the computer. Almost, the entire world of digitalization is consists of, mainly of zeros, and ones (0 and 1), and that is what we save from our computer memory to a hard drive to sync over the cloud to be visible over the internet.

A cloud is another story but stitching those two numbers in various forms makes up everything we experience over any computing device, like smartphones, tablets, laptops, or desktops. Those two numbers are called binary digits.

The whole idea for this article is that everything under the hood of the computer can be complicated like anything seen or unseen created by Allah is. Our knowledge is limited to the discoveries and understanding from the science that then are published for us to know what we can prove or at least make use of. There are investors who pay innovators to make our life simple to minimize our loss of resources and do what is more important to us. I believe that is the Time. As the information to the brain cannot be uploaded with stuff like a computer can. So brain requires an investment of time to grasp the concepts and to understand any concepts requires foundational knowledge to knowledge that has no boundaries. However, no doubt everyone can do whatever they want but it all requires time, which we want to use for what we love the most. Our love is what makes us happy and that’s what we all are looking for. Happiness.

Computer helps us a lot in this regard as they can do the heavy lifting of our thoughts and the understanding without much effort and energy we have to invest in. Not everyone needs to understand the computers to use computers. And computers can be a huge assistance for us and to anyone without any bias. Knowledge is cheap and is everywhere. This can be uploaded to the computer. But interacting with this knowledge based on particular individual thoughts is still limited to the capacity that particular human beings can do or grasp. So to fetch that knowledge over the internet that is important at the moment for that person XYZ boils down to simplicity. Anything that is repeated over and over eventually is fitted to our automated mind. Science calls it the subconscious mind or we can call it our instinct. It doesn’t require any high level of literacy. So anything that is most common around us is used most often becomes second nature to us. When we see collectivity in the region, nation, or world, we can come up with such things or words as: almost everyone has some form of understanding like the words No or Yes.

Domain names play an important role in all the innovations we have come up with as the reachability of the users has been increased tremendously over time due to the internet, which has human-readable addresses to access the services from the tip of our fingers. This address is called a domain name. And believe it or not, these addresses can be quite expensive just because our complex bain loves simplicity. So depending on the simplicity and the reliability of the audience the cost is defined.

Again, back to the binary numbers, it can be hard to digest for many of us who don’t understand how a computer can transform binary numbers into characters, words, pictures, videos, games, and other forms of documents like pdf or jpeg. And, as normal users, we don’t care much. We don’t have to unless we choose to get a deep dive for our understanding or when you’ve got a curiosity to build your own most efficient app mainly for performance etc. That’s what plays the most important role as everything boils down to time over resources. Both will cost money.

Brief explanations of something most won’t understand and you don’t have to but read it just for a hack.

What is a compiler?

A compiler is a tool that lets you choose your choice of computer programming language and interpret the language that the computer can understand, for example, write code in C#, which translates your logic into binary numbers or also called byte code.

What are the binary numbers?

As I’ve already mentioned that binary numbers are nothing but a bunch of 0s and 1s. For example, a binary number for a character “P” would look like this: “01010000”. and a small case “p” would have a binary value of “01110000”

So when you type “Pakistan Zindabad,” the computer reads in the form of binary numbers. The binary values below are how a computer sees because we as humans cannot comprehend such large numbers. So we came up with a compiler to translate through a computer programming language to machine language. Software guys provide instruction to the computer with all the possible logical outcomes we can think of. As long as we can compile through the compiler successfully and host our code, the preexisting computer agents or already written programs that most of the developers don’t understand that do all the hard lifting for us and our understanding will present the stage we as humans can grasp without some superpowers or maybe heroes in movies.

Pakistan Zindabad
01010000 01100001 01101011 01101001 01110011 01110100 01100001 01101110 00100000 01011010 01101001 01101110 01100100 01100001 01100010 01100001 01100100

Now, what is all has to do with a domain name?

In general, the idea of a domain name is to be able to have a fixed name that doesn’t change over time, such as is a domain name that you can easily remember; however, this is actually a mask behind a set of 4 numbers separating by a dot. Each number consists of a value from 1 to 255. Like:

Suppose I tell you to go to, an IP address for the same website. It will be much harder to remember, versus you will have an easier time remembering a word you can relate to it in our real world. However, if I had a choice, I will have a domain-like, as it will be super easy to remember and have sensible meaning for the things I want to do with broader meanings. But because of its simplicity, the owner can demand a huge amount of sum if he understands the potential. I know the fact that since it was auctioned off from PKNIC and I was one of the bidders but it sold off way over $1,000 as I couldn’t afford more than that at the time. And I bet there were only a few users who were aware of such auctions. Matter of fact, this is still the case. And, these auctions are not reported anywhere except a few registered with PKNIC.

However, to the understanding of the domain name, as a businessman or from the consumer point of view, domains are brands that can attract any niche or audience you target to the type of business you are in. As if you are a blogger, movie maker, photographer, salesman, real estate agent, or any agent for cars and etc, the domain name will give you an identity over the internet that is reachable around the world in instant.

You can sell one or millions of products or use it for your resume, a personal brand, perhaps you want to be an influencer, maybe you can write about something that you care about the most, or even write a book. It doesn’t matter; your only limitation is the sky when it comes to the domain name.

Find that great domain name now and perhaps you can start building that empire of your imagination by kicking start of the domain name of your desire. You could already have an existing business selling things online from existing places of others such as Facebook being the one. This is not bad either but can’t be expandable like developing your own brand starting with a cool domain name if you have bigger ambitions.

If your target audience is in Pakistan or Pakistanis anywhere globally, the best choice is to use .PK county-level extension. The main reason is that you might find that slick and easy-to-remember domain, plus it represents your strong local presence, whereas it will be impossible with .com without paying 10 to 100 times more.

Or sometimes you can get lucky and find something cool name or developed your own brand but that will require an enormous amount of money, which is why the majority of companies will target the domain name that is related, easy to remember, and singular.

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