M.A. Jinnah Road is one of the most important roads in Karachi. Several important markets and landmarks between Quaid-e-Azam’s Muhammad Ali Jinnah’s Mazar to Native Jetty Chowrangi, where the road ends. This is also one of the most crowded areas to travel through, especially when you’re driving in the evening. Therefore, there is a new M.A.Jinnah road built parallel to the existing M.A.J. Rd., and in between is the Quaid-e-Azam Mazar. If you can’t find something here, chances are you won’t find it anywhere else either. These are the places you can call filled with hustles and bustles. Thousands and thousands of people go there daily, and that’s where small to large business kingpin will be situated. But I believe the platform is about to change. They need to be online, not through Facebook or via Whatsapp, but I mean digitally performing transactions and having their own dedicated web applications.

Any application on the web starts with a web address. It has to be nice, catchy, and clean for the consumer to think of without any effort. For instance, if the line of business is selling bikes, the domain with bikes would be great to have. Such as bikes.pk or bikes.com.pk or even motorbikes.pk would be the most catchy and would not require expensive marketing campaigns for consumers to attract over the internet.

Here is another article I wrote about choosing a good domain name in general.

Generally, having a shop in a busy street is to attract passing customers or loyal customers visiting the shop. The same thing can be achieved with the web, matter of fact, tenfold better than the brick and mortar type, as it reduces the customers and your time plus you can have 24 hours customer flow without any time constraints other than the server load, which even the cheapest web hosting plan should allow to handle, at least thousand customers a day with no issues but that’s all depend on custom applications to applications that are cookie cutters. Performance varies based on the number of items and pages, plus hosting locations and many more things. But bottom line is, to handle at least a thousand customers should not be more than $10 dollars a month.

But again we’re not talking about having a eCommerce portal that is handling realtime transactions, of course that would require extra set of services and based on your need budget to sustain based on your vision. Online businesses can grow exponently and sometime over nights but it is all based on the vision and brandname you’re going to develop and what’s in for the consumer.

However, if you can start from a small budget without impacting your day-to-day operations would also be a good strategy to take your business online. Regardless of your desire, the virtualization of businesses is coming and fulfillment centers are the way to go in the future.


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