If the pandemic had not happened in the world, we would not have experienced things in our wildest dream that we see now. Pakistan or any other nation that lacks fast internet resources can’t take advantage to the fullest. Countries that are fully connected over the internet realize that the majority of the stuff in this world can happen over the internet. Human facing and social settings are important but not always require when conducting business transactions as long as the quality of the service is satisfying. Amazon is the biggest example of a product selling from the website and delivered right from the warehouses.

Majority of the office work can happen from home.

The complain I will hear that but I can’t have people working from home for my nature of work. We have paperwork to push, we need real-time employee collaboration, or how do I know if they will actually work from home. Well, this is all happening at the moment. This time, not a matter of option but a requirement and the majority of us are learning that it is not only possible but a future hybrid work environment.

Majority of education can be done from home.

I personally love online schooling to my heart. I have quite an of experience of a college education over the internet or, in other words, is called distance learning. I had my reasons, but one of the main thoughts was flexibility and time-saving. I have had a full-time job, while I could set my own timing based on my office’s workload to complete my college work.

Majority of shopping can be done from home.

Everyone has different reasons when it comes downs to shopping. It may relax me because you get to see people around you while strolling around different stuff surrounded by the mesmerizing environments to get us to touch and eventually acquire it while we daydream of it, even when we don’t need it. All aside, being around humans can make some people relax subconsciously. But for those who care about time and less about everything else and want to acquire stuff can use online shopping sites as long as they’re safe, reliable, and trustworthy.

There are thousands and millions of possibilities that can be exited and lucrative in the era we’re currently living in Pakistan. All we need are innovations from you and some risk-taking without caring what others think is doable or not. Like Nike’s brand and trademark is: Just Do It!

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